Délices Métisses - Préparations EXOTIQUE  pour Rhums Arrangés  50CL

Délices Métisses - Préparations EXOTIQUE pour Rhums Arrangés  50CL

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Ananas, papaye, banane et cannelle sont à l'honneur, dans cette préparation pour rhums arrangés aux saveurs irrésistiblement tropicales. Un bain de soleil liquide, qui ravira vos yeux ! Poids net 340 g Contenance 50 cl Liste des ingrédients : Sucre, Confits aux fruits, séchés ou déshydratés, mélange d'épices.

Pineapple, papaya, banana and cinnamon take pride of place in this preparation for arranged rums with irresistibly tropical flavors. A liquid sunbath, which will delight your eyes! Net weight 340 g Capacity 50 cl List of ingredients: Sugar, Candied fruit, dried or dehydrated, mix of spices.


Meet the maker:

Délices Métises is a French craft company, specialized in the production of cocktail preparations in bottles (rums and vodkas). Its flagship product is the preparation for arranged rums, available in 17 fragrances. 100% natural products, without dyes, without preservatives, without additives and easy to use that have made their success with wine merchants and delicatessens. Product distributed in the United States, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, Andorra and England. Fill with white rum at 40°, shake, let macerate for 15 days, it's ready. Twice medalist at Rum Fest Paris!