Botanopia- Cyanotype Greeting Cards Set of 12
Botanopia- Cyanotype Greeting Cards Set of 12

Botanopia- Cyanotype Greeting Cards Set of 12

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This is our set of 12 greeting cards, each card featuring a beautiful reproduction of our original plant cyanotypes. Great for a short message, a heartfelt thank you or a simple hello. 

No card is the same in this set of botanic greeting cards. The folded cards are made of high-quality textured cotton paper for a luxurious look and feel. Printed on the front are dreamy dandelions, finely-detailed ferns and many more examples of nature’s beauty. The inside is blank, so you can use the cards for any occasion.

Cyanotype is a photographic printing technique that uses sunlight to produce bright cyan coloured images. It’s a beautiful, natural way of printing that has been used by many botanists to capture all different kinds of plants. Want to know more about how to make your own botanical blueprints? We have a DIY-kit for cyanotypes and a tutorial available in our shop too!


Meet the Maker:

We’re a young brand designing products out of our love for all growing things, operating from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

We celebrate the beauty of nature and the magical force that transforms small seeds into giant trees.

We started in 2017 with a porcelain accessory that lets you easily grow small trees and plants in your favorite glass or vase. It sits on top of the glass opening and lets the seeds or cuttings hover just above the water level, so they can grow roots without rotting.

The white surface acts as a picture frame to shine the spotlight on your growing seedlings.

Since then, we’ve continued to design and produce smart and stylish solutions for plant lovers. From modern plant stakes to support your plants in style, to tiny accessories to create a miniature universe in your plants.

We also stock the tools and supplies that will help you take care of your plants: the best organic plant food, safe for plant cuttings, potting tarps for easy cleanup, and clever hanging systems to create lush plant walls.

We’re constantly developing and adding new products to elevate your plant life.

Botanopia is founded and run by Lise Lefebvre.