Cestash- 6 Oz Ceramic Bowl - Porcelain Ramekins

Cestash- 6 Oz Ceramic Bowl - Porcelain Ramekins

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In warm pastel shades of pink, pale green, powder blue, dark blue, and orange-red, this bakeware set will surely enhance your table settings and add a dash of color to your kitchen. From custards to cakes in the oven (up to 400°F) or just organizing your chopped and measured ingredients, to serving salsa or dips at the buffet these glazed porcelain ramekins can be used for just about anything.


Meet the Maker:

At Cestash, we are all about sourcing utility or functional products that add value to your daily life. From the wall mounted planter pot that allows you to bring a small bit of nature indoors to the colourful soufflé bowls that warm the heart with their delightful pastel shades and allow you to whip up some delicious treats for family and friends – Cestash is all about value addition.