Quarto- Choose Happy: Easy Strategies to Find your Bliss

Quarto- Choose Happy: Easy Strategies to Find your Bliss

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The past can hold us back and fear of the future can keep us stuck in place. By letting go of fear and incorporating mindfulness into your day-to-day life, you can accept the present and, in essence, Choose Happy.

Happiness can seem elusive despite its seeming ubiquity out in the world, especially on social media. In Choose Happy, certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner and member of the British Psychological Society Sarah Gregg uses the practices of positive psychology to gently guide you through your past, present, and future to improve your well-being for a life full of joy, contentedness, and hope. By addressing the common roadblocks to happiness, you too can develop sustainable happiness.

Just follow the three sections (and each subsection) to find your way to happy.

Learn From Your Past:
  • Advantage of habits
  • Let go of hurt and anger
  • Firing and rewiring new beliefs
  • Freedom in forgiveness 
Believe in Your Future:
  • Have courage
  • Accepting uncertainty
  • Befriending fear
  • Embracing your future
  • Finding meaning in your life
  • Embracing patience
  • Combating imposter syndrome
Enjoy Your Present:
  • Regaining  control of your narrative
  • Inviting in fun and play
  • Releasing judgment
  • The comparison catapult
  • Countering your inner critic
  • Building effective boundaries
  • Cultivating curiosity
  • Investing in your relationships
With the inclusion of reflections and quick daily exercisesChoose Happy will have you living the life you’ve always imagined.

The Live Well series from Rock Point invites you to create a life you love through multiple acts of self-discovery and reinvention. These encouraging gift books touch on fun yet hardworking self-improvement strategies, whether it’s learning to value progress over perfection, taking time to meditate and slow down to literally smell the roses, or finding time to show gratitude and develop a personal mantra. From learning how to obtain more restful sleep and creating a healthy work/life balance to developing personal style and your own happy place, the Live Well series encourages you to live your best life.
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