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Size: 7.5" W x 1.1" D x 0.6” H

Chopsticks: Acrylic Resin
Case: ABS
BPA and Lead-Free 

Hand wash only
Made in Japan



Ishikawa, Japan, 1925. The rush of high economic growth and a new found passion for fashion inspired many Japanese people to bring their lunches to work for the first time. Recognizing this trend, a company called Takenaka soon began producing beautifully crafted bento boxes, hand-painted on the outside with colorful lacquer for the people to carry proudly.Our Evolution

Takenaka’s simple, hand polished designs soon sparked a rise in the popularity of bento style lunch boxes, and with time, they became a trend of their own. Throughout the history of Takenaka, and continuing through today, you will find the same level of high quality design in each colorful lunch box of joy.