Greentree Home Candle- Wee Pine Cones

Greentree Home Candle- Wee Pine Cones

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Wee Pine Cones are sure to make you smile. Fun at every time of year – these loveable little candles bring a special sweetness to the winter season. Their ornate arrangement originates from the well-known fruit of the red pine tree. Almost too adorable to burn, right?

Each candle is hand poured and individually finished in New York State. Lovingly made from 100% pure North American beeswax. Wee Pine Cones are sold as a set of 4 and come in a sweet gift box (note: one color per box).

Light and burn on a fireproof surface. Burn time: 2 hours. Color Chart

Size: 1.75" h x 1.75" diam.



Meet the Maker:

As far back as Jenifer Green can remember, she has loved art. Her mother is an artist and encouraged her children with afternoons filled with homemade kitchen clay, noodle necklaces, and collages. Being creative was a given, part of the family DNA. Green pursued fine art in college and graduated from Philadelphia College of Art. She and husband Don Green, a furniture maker, co-founded Greentree Home in 1992 with the intention to create innovative and individually crafted furniture and home accessories. In 2001, Jenifer launched Greentree Home Candle. Today, in addition to exploring new designs and directions for her growing beeswax candle company, she directs her attention to marketing. In her spare time, she tends to beekeeping and enjoys hiking.