Ocean Mist Soy Candle

Ocean Mist Soy Candle

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Where land meets the sea, cool waves wash over a rocky shore sending sprays of salted mist into the ocean breeze.

These Ocean Mist candles are a fresh coastal blend of ozone, citrus, honeydew melon, violet, and oakmoss. 

This is a 7 oz. (198g) hand-poured soy candle.
Perfect for small to mid-sized rooms.

Made with: Soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance, cotton wicks, reusable gold-brushed tin with lid


Meet the maker:

Hi, I'm Kiah, the founder of Smithmade Essentials. The spark that became Smithmade Essentials started back in 2018 when I discovered the wildly creative world of artisan soap. As a creative and DIY enthusiast, it didn't take long for me to design and make my first batch of soap. I was captivated by the process and dove headlong into the world of soap making.

At my roots, I'm a designer. For over 10 years I've worked with clients to build their brands. This type of work keeps me at the computer for long hours so when I discovered soap making I was excited to have a hobby that took me away from the screen. However, the designer in me soon started thinking that soap making could be more than a hobby. By then, I had begun making more soap than me or my family needed. I was happy with the recipe I'd formulated and I had accumulated enough supplies to build a small inventory. If I began selling my soap then I could make as much as I wanted without worrying about it sitting unused. And so, my hobby became my passion project.