Par Avion Tea - Birthday Cake

Par Avion Tea - Birthday Cake

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Black tea with rainbow sprinkles. Ingredients: Black tea, candy, calendula and sunflower and safflower petals, natural flavors.


Meet the maker:

PAR AVION TEA, the finest luxury tea brand in the world, was established in California in 2014. PAR AVION TEA was founded as a luxury concept that's designed to elevate the joy of daily life by combining retail-theater, craftsmanship, optimistic quirky design and luxury. The PAR AVION TEA team travels the world in search of excellence, produced in an artisan method, hand picking & hand sorting only the finest ingredients to be prepared in small batches with love ♡ just for you. PAR AVION TEA is internationally recognized as a true innovator. Loved by celebrities, royalty, influencers and connoisseurs all over the world, PAR AVION TEAS are now retailed in celebrated luxury department stores and can be experienced at the world's finest hotels, spas, restaurants, wineries & cafes.