Rocks - Moth
Rocks - Moth
Rocks - Moth

Rocks - Moth

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Enjoy a refreshing beverage in this Moth rocks glass. Hand screen printed on an 11 oz (rocks). Glasses made in the USA. 

Color: Platinum Foil ink is made from precious metals 

Care:  Hand wash recommended

This listing is for 1 glass. 



Welcome to Counter Couture — our feisty fiefdom of creativity. The “we” of Counter  Couture is Kaelin (me) and my husband, Richard. We built Counter Couture out of a very basic desire to live a simple, fulfilling, and creative life with a wee bit of silly thrown in for fun. The universe tried to throw us together with a number of times in a number of cities through a number of different people. Eventually, we realized that resistance was futile, and we agreed to meet over a cliché cup of coffee. (Feel free to insert your own sappy music and soft-focus camera angle right here.) Not only was a friendship forged, but so was a marriage, a house, some random animals, and this venture called Counter Couture. (Thanks for sticking with the story so far!) 

Every hand screen printed image starts as a pen and paper illustration drawn by us in our Denver studio. We strive to source materials made in the USA. Some times this is not possible, in these cases we look for the highest quality and softest materials available! There are two exceptions; our mugs and apparel.

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