Satya Jewelry- Multi Tourmaline Mini Mandala Choker,  14"

Satya Jewelry- Multi Tourmaline Mini Mandala Choker, 14"

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Standing in our truth, we revel in our connectedness to the Universe and all living beings. Tiny beads of tourmaline—stone of charity, peace, and abundance—are illuminated by a gleaming 18KT gold plate mandala charm for a choker necklace that signifies that beauty of connection. Mandala, meaning "circle" in Sanskrit, is both a spiritual ritual and a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. The circular designs represent the Universe, the infinite cycle, and the sacred connection of all things.

  • Mandala - Sacred infinite cycle, balance, knowledge
  • Tourmaline- Charity, peace, abundance
  • 2.5mm faceted round bead
  • Pendant size- 11mm
  • Necklace length- 14" + 3" ext chain
  • 18 KT Gold Plated Brass


Meet the Maker:

Satya Jewelry is created with simplicity, style and global consciousness. Semi-precious gemstones renowned for their ancient healing properties are combined with 18kt gold plate, sterling silver and sacred symbols to create jewelry that brings peace and hope to its wearers. Rooted in its mission to inspire each person’s own individual truth. Satya Jewelry is designed for your own individual journey.

Satya Scainetti is the founder and designer of Satya Jewelry. A philanthropist, yoga teacher and Reiki healer, Satya lives a lifestyle dedicated to giving back to the world community. The name Satya, meaning “truth” in Sanskrit, inspires each wearer to find and live their individual truth. Satya has built a devoted global following as she creates beautiful, inspiring and meaningful jewelry that resonates with each customer’s own personal journey. Satya’s background in social work and passion for early childhood education sparked the creation of the Satya Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides children all over the world with hope, change and the opportunity to fulfill their destinies.