Sow the Magic - Garden Nest Crystal Altar - Sunshine

Sow the Magic - Garden Nest Crystal Altar - Sunshine

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This one of a kind design features a beautiful crystal altar cradled in a lovely nest of dried flowers. Each nest is a totally unique assortment that is handmade with real flowers and twigs. Stones not included. Diameter of nest is between 4-6 inches.


Meet the Maker:

Sow The Magic is inspired by a singular enchantment with Mother Nature and a love of mystic designs. Our family believes the answers to life are already at our fingertips in the form of plants, herbs and ancient wisdom. To inspire your journey, we curate a growing assortment of treasures including gemstones, tarot seeds, notebooks, jewelry and digital illustrations. Each item is intended to expand intuition, practice your own magic and cultivate a healing garden.