Studio Portmanteau- Match Jar with Noble Fir Trees

Studio Portmanteau- Match Jar with Noble Fir Trees

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Light a simple spark with these classic white matches in a jar, adorned with an illustration of a grove of noble fir trees in a medley of tones. This square glass bottle contains about (80) 2" safety matches with plain white tips, perfect for lighting candles. A clear label with an illustration of a noble fir tree forest adorns the front, and a generous striker strip is conveniently hidden on the backside. The jar comes with a water-tight metal lid. Take your matches anywhere, or keep them on your mantle looking tidy. A moment of calm or celebration in a bottle... This is a medium-sized glass bottle (3 1/2" tall), and the white-tipped safety matches are 2" long. 


Meet the Maker:

Studio Portmanteau is happily based out of a small studio space in Oregon's gorgeous Rogue Valley.  A passion for the simple things in life - stargazing, beachcombing, gardening, cooking, the great outdoors - plus a fascination with tiny things and an obsession with all things golden led to the idea behind this design studio specializing in matchboxes and, more recently delving into a broader range of thoughtful objects for the home and special occasions. We see the matchbox itself as a tiny little piece of a bygone era that still resonates with us today and reminds us to sit down, light a candle, and spend the evening catching up with friends or devouring a good book.  I love bringing materials to life with my unique perspective as a trained designer, intrepid explorer, and avid maker. My art embraces rich topics like botany, astronomy, and cartography through my contemporary aesthetic lens.

So where did the shop name come from?  A portmanteau is an old French word for a box or suitcase that opens into two equal parts (much like our matchboxes).  The shop logo is derived from an imagined antique lock on an old leather suitcase, something like one would carry on a long train journey. And just how do you pronounce portmanteau? It rhymes with studio (port-man-toe). :)