TEASPRESSA- Rose Sugar Cubes
TEASPRESSA- Rose Sugar Cubes

TEASPRESSA- Rose Sugar Cubes

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The Rose sugar cubes are a delicate infusion of fresh rose extract and cane sugar. These all-natural sugar cubes feature a beautiful taste of freshly picked garden roses on a new spring day. Add to tea, coffee, or champagne!

Handmade in the USA. All Natural. Eco-Friendly. Vegan.

Ingredients: Cane sugar, rose oil, natural beet dye & rose petals

*Please note that sugar cubes are handmade with natural ingredients and tend to vary in color, size, and shape.


Meet the Maker:

Our Founder, Allison DeVane, has always loved coffee. Unfortunately, coffee never liked her back. So she had to get creative…

She invented a tea that you could brew like coffee. Rich and full bodied, it would even hold foam properly so she could make latte art with it!

Calling her new beverage Teaspressa -- a play on tea + espresso -- Allison’s initial marketing plan involved borrowing a laundry cart and pedalling around downtown Phoenix handing out free samples. 

Little did she know that, just a few months later, she’d land a dream opportunity to pitch on Shark Tank! Shortly after that, she opened the first Teaspressa store, bringing her coffee inspired tea and beautiful branding to thousands of customers. 

Today, Teaspressa continues to innovate, searching for new ways to enjoy the drinks you love, while still being comforting and familiar. 

Our LUXE Sugar Cubes let you create a latte, mimosa, or cocktail wherever you go. Our LUXE Elixirs help you add a splash of your favorite flavour to any drink, any time, any place. And of course, we continue to expand our line of classic Teaspressa tea blends.