Vivistix - Dark Forest Solid Perfume

Vivistix - Dark Forest Solid Perfume

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With a bold, genderless feel, this fragrance harnesses the earthy coolness of the moonlight through the timberland - sharp cedarwood balanced with soft, earthy oakmoss and a hint of pine needles. Whisper through the fog, hear the crunch of leaves under your boots and feel the eyes watching from the treetops. Assertive and robust, evocative and enchanting, this perfume is versatile enough for daily wear or for an evening of adventure.

Our twist up vivistix perfumes come in solid form and are made with a decadent combination of shea butter, beeswax, almond oil, fragrance oils, and essential oils. Our subtle but long lasting scents glide on smoothly and provide rich, lasting fragrance that won't overpower you or the person next to you (like most spray perfumes do).

Meet the Maker: 

We are the new, fresh alternative to problematic, bulky, over-priced liquid perfumes that easily spill and break your bank. Our Vivistix solid perfumes are convenient to toss in your bag and take with you. Also, different seasons, different moods, and different occasions call for different scents. And we've priced our seasonal solid perfumes to allow just for that! Mix it up depending on your mood!