Bailey's Must Have Items!

We're nearing the end of Taurus season and quickly approaching Gemini - my season! As Gemini season nears, temperatures are warming up so these are a few of my absolute must-have items for the spring and summer. 

First, is this gorgeous Lemon Blossom + Lychee Rosy Rings candle. This is such an eye-catching piece, it would be perfect used just as decoration. But, as the wax melts pressed flowers and dried fruits are revealed - which I think is a perfect match for Gemini season as warmer temperatures bring out the gorgeous flowers here in New Haven.

Lemon Blosson + Lychee Rosy Rings Candle

A great companion to this gorgeous candle are these Spark Balance faux matches. This is a great giftable item that features exercises for practicing mindfulness that nurture your soul. As a Gemini with a Sagittarius moon, I'm often restless so these balance affirmation matchsticks are such a great way to practice staying present. And this packaging is so cute!


Another great item is this Star Chart tumbler glassThis tumbler features the zodiacs and other major constellations in the Northern Hemisphere like Draco and Andromeda. See if you can spot Gemini below!

This Burning Love Kit is totally eye-catching and perfect for Geminis like me, with a Taurus Venus. This potion can help spark a romantic change for comfort oriented, routine loving Taurus Venuses. Adorable packaging and fun colors make this a great gift option, too!

We have so many great items for this season change, stop in to see them all!