Pursue Balance and Harmony this Libra Season

Autumn is in the air, which also means that the time to celebrate the airy and romantic Libra! Born between September 23rd and October 22nd, Libras are known to be very sociable and diplomatic. Like the symbol of the scales indicates, this zodiac is very good at seeing all points of view and is always helping their friends and loved ones to craft compromises and mediate conflicts.

With the uncertain times we are living in, it is important that we try to maintain the much valued feelings of balance, harmony, and care both for the Libras we know and for ourselves. Here are a few gift ideas that may help in that endeavor...

Sometimes seeing both sides of every decision, can cause a Libra to be quite indecisive. However, a Libra is led by the planet of love, Venus, and is therefore perpetually fascinated by relationships, so a love spell will definitely be of interest! Also, our pink Himalayan Salt Crystals can not only be used for a soothing soak in the bathtub, but also placed in a small dish on your desk or bedside table to absorb impurities in the air: something an air sign, like Libra, will undoubtedly appreciate. 

Love Potion Himalayan Bath Salt Heart

Mercury Glass Heart, $4
Burning Love Kit, $24
Himalayan Salt Crystals, $18
Tiffany Thomas Porcelain Watercolor Dish, $24


Being ruled by Venu, Libras are widely known to be lovers of luxury and precious things, but did you know that they are astrologically partial to copper? Copper is thought to conduct a healing energy and assist with mental agility. Bring together a few of Libra's favorite things by getting them some beautiful jewelry with copper accents!

Copper Earrings Hammered Metal Bracelet

Hammered Metal Cuff Bracelet, $24
Hammered Metal Circle Earrings, $26.50
Hammered Metal Boho Earrings, $26.50


Another great universal gift for bringing health and balance to one's life is a beautiful copper water bottle. And of course, one can never go wrong with a unique autumnal scented candle. A Libra knows that scent is just as important as art and decor in order to bring harmony to the home. 

Copper Bottle Woodfire Candles

Tamra Pure Copper Water Bottle, $46
Campfire Tin Candle, $16
Woodfire Luxe Candle Set, $34