First Snow of 2024

If you came into dwell yesterday, I'm sure I asked you if you were excited about the snow. Overwhelmingly, the answer was yes, Although I did get two noes. I am wholeheartedly on team YES! So is my family, especially my dogs, Wellington and Grace. 

Since Dwell opens at noon on Sundays, I had ample time to enjoy the snow this morning. I enjoyed my morning coffee outside while Wellington and Grace played. I bought this Mug at dwell before I worked here, and it's my husband's favorite. It is made by ZPOTS, a husband-and-wife team making amazing pottery in Vermont. No two items from ZPOTS are the same, and dwell has an exciting selection of their work. 

On my drive to dwell from Woodbridge, I enjoyed seeing the snow around New Haven, especially on the green.  

Now, I write this from the comfort of the warm and cozy shop. Our little woodland creatures in the window welcoming passers-by to come in.