Get Weird with Aquarius!

January 21st through February 19th is Aquarius season. Known to be analytical, independent, and open-minded, the eccentric Aquarian loves exploring new places and things. Known to be the weirdest sign in the zodiac (in the best way possible) Aquarius’s wide-range of interests makes them very fun to shop for! Here are our tips: 

Aquarians are known to be humanitarians at heart! So getting them an inspirational gift that does good is a sure way to please. The “LOVE” bracelet is handmade by woman artisans in Kenya and is sure to inspire! There’s also the  “Be The Change” candle by NaturalAnnie,  available in two distinct scents, Spiced Honey or Chili Pepper & Mandarin. A percentage of each sale of these candles is donated to a different Black organization (in June 2020 alone they raised over $6K that was donated to the Black Lives Matter Movement). 

Be The Change Candle by NaturalAnnie, $26
Original Red Love Bracelet, $30
The Found Human Rights Key Chain, $12

An Aquarius loves artsy but practical and well-designed objects. A brightly colored bento box definitely fits the bill! As do the Porter Glass Tumbler, which can be used for carrying water, wine, or even a cocktail on the go.


Takenaka Expanded Bento Box, $38
Takenaka Chopsticks, $12
Porter Tumbler, $25
Porter Terrazzo Glass Water Bottle, $36

Whether you call them off-beat, eccentric, or quirky, there's no denying that every Aquarius is one-of-a-kind. So when in doubt, match this water-bearer quality by giving a one-of-a-kind gift: like a personalized, customizable pillow!