Gifts for Quick Thinking Virgos!: It's Virgo SZN

We are now entering the midst of another virgo season and these methodical, practical maidens of the zodiac love to know they're appreciated. Here are some perfect gift ideas for any virgos in your life!

First up are these Even Keel Clay Elixir Bars. Virgos are so focused on problem solving, they can be easily stressed out and overworked. So, these Bath Bars are the perfect choice to help a virgo unwind and relax!

Next, is this Be the Moth not the Flame candle by Skeem Design. Not only does this candle smell amazing but its name is a great reminder that virgos should embrace their leadership potential!

To accompany this candle are these super cute matchsticks which create a great gift set!

For a vibrant birthday themed gift for a Virgo, pick up one of our Par Avion Tea packs. The Birthday Cake, Inner Glow, and Unicorn Tears flavors are each sure to be a hit.

Finally, is this Good Juju Ink journal featuring a quote from Henry David Thoreau, "We are constantly invited to be who we are." This is a perfect gift for any sign of the zodiac to remind everyone to embrace who they are!

We have all of these incredible items and more in stock at dwell now, so stop by to see them all!