In the Spotlight for Leo Season!

It's Leo season, which means vibrant and passionate personalities will be center stage! To celebrate this fun loving zodiac, I've selected a variety of iconic items from around the store to match the charismatic nature of these natural born stars of astrology.

First up is this brand new candle from Formulary 55. Candles are the perfect gift for Leos, because they reflect the warmth of these fierce personalities. And, the octopus design on these candles will resonate with any design focused mind!

Next, this Energy Cleansing Kit. This kit comes with everything you need to keep your energy in-check and relaxed - something Leos can always benefit from. This is a great option to help balance the fun-loving and bold personality of any Leo. 

Our Tattoo Tarot Cards are a perfect gift for any sign of the zodiac! But, they could be especially amazing for Leos because of their keen insightfulness!

Finally, this Crystal Card Deck is the perfect pick for Leos because of their fascination with energy. This card deck is a great set for any crystal lover!

We have so many other great products in stock for this fierce Leo season, so stop by and check them out!