Indulge in the Mystery of Scorpio Season

Since October 22nd, the Sun has entered into Scorpio and will pass through until November 21st. Scorpio is a sign that delves deeply into the mysteries of life and refuses simple answers. Although they have tendency to be secretive and suspicious of others, a thoughtful gift is a great way to win the trust of a Scorpio! Gifts should match this water-sign's intense, passionate, and emotional personalities.

Ruled by the planet Mars and the lord of the underworld, Scorpios are known to be sexy, mysterious, and intense. This is also represented by their preference of colors, including deep red, dark brown, and rust. A black bralette with lace accents or a flowy oxblood poncho are sure to please a Scorpio!

Elietian Lace Bralette, $22
Elietian Magenta Poncho, $40


With their propensity for intense emotions and moodiness, the use of deep breathing, meditation, and crystals can greatly assist a Scorpio in achieving balance and calm in their lives. Gift them a crystal water bottle or a smudge stick to help them banish negative energies. 

Earth's Elements Crystal Water Bottle, $58
Sweet Grass Smuge Stick, $28
Calm the Chaos Cards, $14.95
Wheel of Fortune Tarot Candle, $36


Known to be poetic and even dark and brooding at times, drawing and journaling can help Scorpios channel their moods and amplify their creativity. 

Celestial One Line A Day, $16.95
Wild Rose Pocket Notebook, $12
Modernist Pencil Set, $12