Liven Up Your Space With Air Plants!

Before the pandemic started, there was a 100% chance any plant that entered my apartment would shrivel up and die within the month. Now, after a year of isolation, I can say I am a certifiable plant lady! My journey to plant obsession started when my mom gifted me a Tillandsia air plant - super small and totally unlike any plant I had ever seen before. Suffice to say, it's still thriving in my apartment and has nearly doubled in size over the past year. What makes air plants like my Tillandsia so amazing, is their low maintenance and adaptable nature. Basically, they're the perfect starter plant for first-time plant parents AND they're amazing gifts for seasoned plant people, too. So, come by dwell and check out our amazing selection of air plants!

First up, is my personal fav -  Tillandsia air plants! These are the perfect size for small spaces and dorm rooms.

We even have larger sizes in stock, too.

Next, we have Tillandsia Andreana air plants. These grow in such unique patterns, a statement piece of plants!

These gorgeous Flexuosa air plants are another eye catching plant that could fit seamlessly in any room.

And you can't forget a reliable plant mister

Finally, a perfect gift for total plant people like me, is this incredible Ginger June Plant Lady candle. It smells AMAZING, btw.  

So, come to dwell and shop our gorgeous selection of air plants for the summer!