Make Pisces' Dreams Come True

Pisces are known to be the empathetic dreamers of the zodiac. Having an inherently intuitive side, they tend to be quite taken by astrology. So it's important that you show them how well you know their Piscean tendencies with a gift that perfectly complements their personality. Pisces season is also a great time for all of us to get in touch with our more sensitive side and here are some things that can help...

Pisces usually have a green thumb but aren't always the best at keeping plants alive. Encourage their desire to be close to nature with a book that can help them channel their caring side along with a low maintenance plant or easy to grow seeds. They will think of you everytime they water their green babies. 

How to Raise a Plant, $16.99
Lovewild Blooming Coins, $10

Known to be emotional and sensitive, a Pisces will be sure to love a Line-A-Day journal. This can help them keep track of their dreams and feelings while also indulging in a bit of nostalgia whenever they revisit what they have written. 

One Line A Day Journal, $16.95
Framed Inspirational Quote, $16

Despite being caught up in their dreams, Pisces are extremely aware of the energies that surround them. As the most intuitive of the zodiac they also gravitate towards spiritual practices. A smudge stick and some crystals are sure to help them cleanse and reset their intentions for the next year. 

Pink Palo Santo Bundle, $18
Sage Rose and Agate Bundle, $28
Warm Cedar Bundle, $32

The most important gift for everyone is your friendship. A heartfelt handwritten note will always be the most meaningful thing you can give a Pisces. A card that channels the underwater or mystical realms will be especially significant for these sea-loving friends. 

Mermaid Birthday Card, $5
Your Future Looks Bright Card, $5
Out Of This World Card, $5