Monica's Favorites!

I'll let you in on a secret... I fell in love with dwell way before I became part of the team. One of the first items that I had to take home with me was the Skeem Design Mini Match Bottle. This match bottle not only looks chic but is also functional, with a strike right on the bottle. It really elevates and streamlines my candle lighting rituals!

Kindred Home's Rosemary & Mint candle is new to me, but I am absolutely obsessed. It is so herby and refreshing that I can just smell it all day long. We also have these candles in Cashmere and Citrus Blossom in the shop, for those who like their candles musky or fruity.

Another thing that tickles my nosebuds is these AMAZING Even Keel Bath Fizzies! These bath tablets are so beautifully made and they nourish your skin with cocoa butter. What's not to love?

Last but not least, this is an item that I regret not coming across soon enough... The Made with Love Onesie by Emerson and Friends is the cutest thing EVER. I wish I had it when my toddler son was still a teeny-tiny baby, so I make sure to point it out to anyone shopping for baby gifts so that some mom out there wouldn't have the same regret that I do. There you have it. You're welcome. ;)