Leo Season is Bringing the Heat!

Things are heating up outside. Astrologically, the time has come to break out of our shells and ROAR! July 23rd to August 24th is Leo season. Associated with confidence, creativity, and growth, the fiery Leo inspires us all to bring courage and enthusiasm to every aspect of our lives.

As a royal sign, a Leo loves being spoiled all year round, but their birthdays have to be extra special! Here are some gifts to treat the special Leos in your life or simply to lure out the hidden lion within you.

No matter how big or small, it's the Leo's bold personality that makes them shine! They embody the energy of a big cat and are always stealing the spotlight.

Inquisitive Sassy Cat Pillow by Karma Living, $70 
Bashful Lion Stuffed Animal, $24 
Blue Lion Zip Pajama by Milkbarn, $40 
Blue Lion Kerchief Bib by Milkbarn, $14


Highly social, Leo's love to wine and dine with their many friends. Given the circumstances of this global pandemic, it may be difficult to have a night out with your loved ones at the moment. Do the next best thing by gifting a pair of gorgeous wine glasses that feature the constellations of the night sky. 

Night Sky Wine Glasses by Cognitive Surplus, $32


When you're constantly the center of attention you have to make sure you're always looking and feeling good. The lion is a master of self-care and loves a pampering glow up.

Hydrating Coconut Cleanser by Alta Mara, $16
Sea Salt & Lavender Bar Soap, $10
Sea Salt & Lavender Sparkling Bath Tablet, $6
Sea Salt & Lavender Shea Butter Creme, $18
Heritage Ash Wood Brush, $15


Known for being creative and passionate in everything they pursue, Leos have big goals. A notebook (or two) to keep track of ideas and manifest their dreams will undoubtedly be put to good use!

Desk Sign by The Found, $8.50 
Wild Rose Pocket Notebook by Rifle Paper Co., $12 
Imagine Everything Notebook, $10 
Gotta Hustle Notebook, $14