Pasta Night!

My family loves making a big pasta dinner on Sundays! We have some of the best products at dwell to take your pasta dinner to the next level. My favorite olive oil I've ever tasted by Frantoio Muraglia is currently available for sale at dwell. Good quality olive oil and salt are a must. They can completely change a simple dish to a high-quality meal. Pictured are a few of the fantastic ingredients we used for dinner tonight.

Find these items at dwell:

(from left to right)

1) Zia Pia - Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin by Frantoio Muraglia. This is also available in a beautiful ceramic container. 

2) Jacobsen Salt Co. - Infused Garlic Salt

3) Zia Pia - Homemade Tomato Sauce by Perché Ci Credo

4) Zia Pia - Gnocchi by La Fabbrica della Pasta 

5) Jacobsen Salt Co. - Pure Flake Salt 

6) Crisp & Co. - Savory Pickled Mushrooms

7) Zia Pia - Artichoke and Walnut Bruschetta by Perché Ci Credo



As someone who works for a small business, it is important to me to support other small local businesses. After I left work tonight, I headed a block over to Atticus Bookstore Cafe to pick up a nice bottle of wine. I left it to chill in the snow while we started dinner prep. P.S. This gorgeous champagne glass is also available at dwell.

 8) Creative Co-Op 8oz. Stemmed Champagne/ Coupe Glass



Although we prefer to grow tomatoes in the summer, I found some beautiful heirloom tomatoes at the store. The olive oil and flake salt are a complete game-changer for this dish! Jacobsen garlic salt is also a kitchen staple for making all our favorite pasta sauces.

 Jacobsen garlic salt is a kitchen staple for making all our favorite pasta sauces. 



Visit us at dwell to get all the best quality products for your next family dinner!