Scorpio Season is Here!

The season of the scorpion has finally arrived! From October 23 until November 21, Pluto and Mars will be guiding this passionate sign to the end of their transformative cycle. Scorpios are highly intelligent, private, and intense; this means they can also be extremely emotional and feel things very deeply, especially during this time of year. So, I've compiled a list of some scorpio must-haves from the shop!

First up is this Chakra Re-aligning Tonic from Sow the Magic. This cucumber scented body and room spray is perfect for helping scorpios stay in tune with their desires and keep a clear head. This spray also smells amazing!

Next, is this adorable Commander of Chaos Stemless Wine Glass from Counter Culture. This pick feels obvious for the powerful albeit frenzied 8th sign of the zodiac. Plus, this glass is totally perfect for the Halloween season!

Scorpios are so passionate and hyper-focused sometimes they need help taking a step back and relaxing. This Tranquility Tea from Whole Harmony is a gifting no-brainer for any scorpio.

My final pick for scorpio season is another self-care focused gift. This Well Being Candle from Magic Fairy Candles would be great for any over stressed scorpio. With hints of lavender, sage, and peppermint its the perfect candle for any sign of the zodiac, not just this impassioned water sign! 

This is such a small sample of all of the amazing potential scorpio-centric gifts that we have in store, so you should stop by and see all of our new items!