Self-Care Favorites To Take Into The New Year!

We are all familiar with the term self-care and its increasing popularity in our society. However, like most things in life, implementing self-care into your routine can be easier said than done. Self-care is about making yourself a priority. These practices are not acts of learning to be selfish, but rather, taking a deep dive within yourself and allowing yourself the necessary time to improve your overall well-being. Here are a few items that will help you implement self-care practices in your day-to-day life. 


Starting off we have the Everyday Mantras book by Asel Gunar. These thoughtful mantras will help you realign your focus and fill the next year with awakened awareness. 


Next, we have the Weekly Desk Pad Planner from Rifle Paper. This Weekly Desk Pad includes 52 tear-off sheets to help you map out your week for a year. It's the perfect size to keep on your desk as a mouse pad and see your week at a glance.


The unfortunate truth is that most of us aren’t taught how to talk to ourselves—luckily, that’s where this workbook comes in! Created in collaboration with Taylor Elyse Morrison, Tune In includes 28 pages full of insightful information, prompts, and activities on how to understand better (and improve) your thoughts and feelings.


These Chakra Cards from Gift Republic are a simple and easy way to start a journey of self-discovery and unlock your hidden energies and power. These cards are filled with knowledge and activities to guide you through each of your seven chakras and send you on the road toward enlightenment. 



Lastly, we have the Mindful Morning candle from Wild Rose. This is a lovely way to add a joyful addition to your morning routine. Start your morning reading the mindful reminder printed on the candle while soaking in the smells of your favorite morning roast.