Women's History Month - All About Bailey

March is Women's History Month, and here at dwell it's something close to our hearts! So all month long we'll be sharing some of our favorite woman-owned brands that we carry in-store as well as sharing some background about the dwell team.

Growing up in a small town in rural North Carolina, and as the oldest (and only) daughter in my family, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by a multitude of strong women. Each of these women have helped shape me into the woman I am today. My great grandma's love of the arts and education encouraged me to embrace my *nerdy* interests in Greek mythology and literature at a young age. My grandmother's careful attention to her garden and her unwavering patience with people and life taught me the value of kindness and unconditional love. And as I've grown up, I've noticed so much of my mother in me. Her resilience and advocacy for herself, and for me, has nurtured and shaped the confidence I carry myself with now. Each of these little lessons from the women in my life has helped me embrace my femininity and value my womanhood as an adult.

I'm now living in New Haven and finishing my master's in Religion at Yale where these little lessons have influenced my research of forgotten and overlooked women in antiquity. This research is born out of decades of feminist theory and groundbreaking work by women before me. And as I'm preparing to leave New Haven this summer to continue my journey into doctoral work, I remember the hours of pouring over Judith Butler and Angela Davis, but where I learned the most about feminism-and what it means to be a woman-is from the women in my life. Happy Women's History Month to the GGs, Grandmothers, and Moms everywhere.

And in honor of these (and all) fabulous women I've picked one of my favorite woman-owned brands to highlight here! People I've Loved is owned by Carissa Potter who curates and designs gorgeous prints, cards, and stationary to help "bridge the gap between people by helping them have authentic and sometimes difficult conversations." So many of these unique designs feature inclusive depictions of women, capturing the fullness of womanhood in its many colors, shapes, and sizes. This brand is a total win for me because they represent and showcase authentic womanhood.

So stop by dwell or shop online for gifts to celebrate all of the incredible women in your life!