Women's History Month - All About Ellen

During Women’s History Month, I’m reminded of all the incredible women who have taught me so much throughout my life. One of the values they have instilled in me the most is the importance of family and community. 

This month is very important to dwell as a women-owned and operated shop. To celebrate, we’re highlighting the women in the dwell community: the women-owned companies we work with, the women who run dwell, and the women who inspire them.

I saw the value of a close and loving family from early on. My parents raised my brother and me in Maryland and always ensured we were involved in the community. I went to Villanova University, where I received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and found a family in an acapella group.

I currently live in East Haven with my husband Alex, and dog, Milo. I enjoy reading, playing with Milo, and lately, I’ve been learning photography with the help of online communities. 

I am so lucky to have been surrounded by extraordinary women throughout my life. My biggest influence is my mom, Joann. For years she worked for a non-profit delivering Meals on Wheels to local residents. She taught me the importance of caring for your community. 

Another strong woman in my life was my Aunt Julie. From her, I learned about independence and to be myself. She was also the biggest artistic influence in my life. She always encouraged me to try new things and express myself. 

That balance of community and independence in my role models shaped who I am today. I love seeing those same values in some of the companies we proudly work with at dwell. 

One of my favorite items happens to come from a women-owned company, Camp Craft Cocktails. Owned by Suzanah Raffield and Rhonda Stringfellow, Camp combines ingredients that produce delicious cocktails when infused with spirits. While I love a good cocktail, I also love the community that this company builds. 


Camp Craft Cocktails explains what they’re all about:

“Camp is more than cocktails-- it’s a mission to build longer tables where everyone is welcome, and everyone belongs. You can sit with us, and please share your story. We want slow sips and long talks, acceptance, and a willingness to open your mind to others… Let’s toast together, friends.”

I’m grateful for dwell’s customers, companies, and team members who all create a wonderful community. My favorite part of the job is helping guests find the perfect gift. We have such a unique selection of goods, it’s easy to find something for anyone in your life.

I hope you stop by to check out some items from the women-owned businesses we work with and to make our lovely little community just a bit bigger!

Shop the Camp Craft Cocktail Selection Now: https://dwellnewhaven.com/collections/bar