Quarto- Camp Cocktails

Quarto- Camp Cocktails

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There is something about drinking a cocktail that turns any moment into an occasion. And what could be more worthy of celebration than being in the great outdoors.

In her first book, Camp Cocktails - Easy, Fun, and Delicious Drink for the Great Outdoors, Emily Vikre combines two of her passions, craft cocktails and the outdoors, to bring you, well, exactly what the title says it will bring you: easy, fun, and delicious cocktail recipes for drinking in the great outdoors!

Her book brings you recipes and tips for batching cocktails into flasks, for cocktailing at your campsite, and planning and packing cocktails for car camping adventures. She also brings you original cocktails for enjoying at the cabin and approachable recipes for some of Vikre's favorite foraged ingredients.

Complete with gorgeous photographs, easy to follow instructions, and helpful bartending hacks, this is a must read for nature and cocktail enthusiasts alike.