Chive - Ceramic Flower Wall Art - Teal Lotus

Chive - Ceramic Flower Wall Art - Teal Lotus

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Claudia Schiffer is a massive groupie of our Ceramic Flowers. And no wonder. When we started making them, Vanity Fair listed them as one of their coolest new products. Now we are 14 lines deep, with over 125 pieces. Initially we just wanted to design a tchotchke, then we figured out they should be hung on the wall as well! Now we get random orders of 1000 pieces for an install. That’s a lot of groupies.

Product Detail

  • Year Designed: 2023
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Finish: Glazed
  • Keyhole for Wall Hanging


  • 4.1 inches diameter, 2 inches tall


Meet the Maker:

So, in 2004, we started Chive to get back to what mattered to us; great design, well-made products and having fun. Chive started by designing flower vases for wholesale. Then we evolved, creating pots that are now in 6,000 retailers and every museum across North America.

Today, we’re based in Toronto, San Diego, Birmingham. Yet, despite our success, we have stayed small, and passionately anti-corporate, ensuring our love of design and quality never gets lost. Now, our founder is anything but bored. But to this day, you won’t find anything in Terracotta at Chive.