Codeword - NHV Hats
Codeword - NHV Hats

Codeword - NHV Hats

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 Matte Raised Front Embroidery - Cotton Dad Hats (Adjustable Buckle)

Made with American Jobs in Nashville, Tennessee.

10% of Codeword's proceeds donated locally to food banks serving you communities!


Meet the Maker:

Want to offer a totally custom product that your customers will love & gives local? Check out City, State, Airport & Area Code collections from Codeword. Codeword was born out of a simple concept of being proud of where you’re from. Realizing the potential of combining that hometown pride with the power of shopping/giving local, Codeword was born. We like to refer to ourselves as a National/Local give back brand. Over the past 4 years, we’ve been flooded with stories from customers describing how they have met new friends and even soul-mates all because they were wearing one of our "conversation starters.” We even had one customer tell us her fiance wouldn’t have had anything to lead with when they met if it weren't for the fact she was wearing one of our BHM ‘Birmingham’ hats. But that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface on why we chose to create the Garments That Give. We also give ten percent (10%) of our net profit from the sale of all Codeword products to local food banks serving your state. The more products that are sold in your state. The higher percentage of our donation goes to the food banks helping serve locals in need! Giving customers not only a way to represent their hometowns but also give back. Codeword has grown into THE #1 brand for City, State, Airport & Area Code Apparel. Never has there been a company providing the opportunity for every community, no matter how big or small, a way to represent their towns with local code apparel.