Counter Couture - Scarab Beetle Rocks Glass

Counter Couture - Scarab Beetle Rocks Glass

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Enjoy a refreshing beverage in this Scarab Beetle rocks glass. Screen printed by hand on an 11-oz (rocks) glass. Glasses made in the USA. Clear glass with Platinum Foil print. Hand wash recommended


Meet the Maker:

Welcome to Counter Couture — our feisty fiefdom of creativity. The “we” of Counter Couture is Kaelin (me) and my husband, Richard. We met through a mutual friend in 2007. We didn't know until later that we both lived in Spokane, WA at the same time, hanging out at the same bars, and had many mutual friends and NEVER met! But as fate would have it, we wouldn't meet until we were both single and in Denver. Within 7 months of dating, we bought a house together, got married 3 years later, and started what is now Counter Couture in that same house! Now 13 years later we have a staff of 6 amazing people. I run the day-to-day chaos and all the business stuff and Richard is the artist and screen-printer.

Fun Facts about Counter Couture

  • Every screen-printed image starts as a pen and paper illustration designed by us.
  • We are proud to be a small, independent company based in Denver, CO
  • Our 3 rescue dogs come to work with us everyday
  • Our tea towels are made in the USA
  • Rocks glasses are our #1 best selling item

When you shop small - you make a HUGE impact! We are proud to be a small, independent company based in Denver, CO continuing our commitment to produce small batch quality goods in the USA. We strive to source materials made in the USA. Sometimes this is not possible, in these cases we look for the highes