Crisp & Co.- Grand Dill Pickles

Crisp & Co.- Grand Dill Pickles

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Our flagship dill pickle; a unique and luxurious dill pickle deriving complexity from ten herbs and spices, a generous portion of California heirloom garlic and fresh Kirby cucumbers. 24oz.


Meet the Maker:

Artisanally brined and hand-packed in the farm-rich region of Eastern Pennsylvania, every jar of Crisp & Co. starts with sourcing local, fresh ingredients right from the farm.

Today, our lineup goes beyond the ‘cuke and includes our award-winning pickled beets, mushrooms, and dilly beans. We believe that pickling is not just a means for extending the shelf life of produce but rather a means to bring to light its potential! We hope that you will enjoy our pickles with the same zeal in which they are created and enjoy the taste of your favorite fruits and vegetables all year long.