Good Juju Ink- Lion Here Thinking of You Card

Good Juju Ink- Lion Here Thinking of You Card

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Fun fact:  lions are the only social cat species.  Less fun fact:  that does confirm that your cat prooooobably doesn't really love you.  Anyway, back to lions.  These strong, majestic creatures fight hard to stay in their pride, so you can imagine it leaves quite a hole in their hearts when they get separated from members of their crew.  Let someone special know they are in your thoughts with our "Lion Here Thinking Of You" card!

Card is blank inside and measures 5.5 x 4.25 inches
Masterfully printed and foil stamped on Smart White 110# C+ French Paper.


Meet the Maker:

Meet Juju. As a kid, Juju liked to make pretty things. And connect with people. And make people laugh. Fast-forward to 2014. Hearkening to her childhood desires, Juju created Good Juju Ink, a high-end stationery business based on her timeless illustrative style, a strong belief in the power of the handwritten note, and a commitment to delighting people with wildly delightful products. Pretty things. Connecting with people. Laughter. Juju’s products espouse a sense of childlike wonder in each of their recipients and promote positivity in a world that all too often seems to promote the opposite. Good Juju Ink is devoted to spreading good juju. One illustration at a time.