Hachette Book- Pocket Nature: Stargazing

Hachette Book- Pocket Nature: Stargazing

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Part of the Pocket Nature series, this petite volume features helpful tips for stargazing, plus thoughtful meditations related to stars, space, and the universe.

In a cool palette with celestial illustrations, Stargazing is a must-have companion for amateur astronomers, space enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and anyone looking to slow down and find time for contemplation.

In these pages, learn about features of the night sky, from the Milky Way to moon craters to the planets in our solar system; read a brief history of stargazing in cultures around the world; and discover seventeen notable constellations to observe in the northern hemisphere throughout the year. With ruminative meditations on the universe, moonlight, stardust, and more, this pocket-size guide to the cosmos has everything you need to better understand and appreciate the night sky.

THE BROAD APPEAL OF THE NIGHT SKY: No matter where you live, you can look up to the heavens after nightfall and appreciate the beauty of the stars. This insightful book will appeal to people of all ages, whether they're interested in practicing mindfulness, learning about astronomy, or admiring the natural wonders of our world (and beyond!).

LOVELY GIFT: Stargazing is a thoughtful gift for budding astronomers, space enthusiasts, campers and outdoorsy types, and mindfulness practitioners. Package it with a telescope, NASA socks, or other books in the Pocket Nature series, such as Cloud Spotting and Sunset Seeking (a sky-themed trio!).

NATURE AS THERAPY:As a response to our increasingly digital world, people are turning to the outdoors as an escape and a place to unwind. Observing a starry night sky provides a quiet moment after a long day to set aside tasks and to-dos and instead contemplate the vastness of our universe. This book makes it easy to stargaze-and learn something new in the process!

PERENNIAL + COLLECTIBLE:The topics covered in the Pocket Nature series are perennial-sunsets, beaches, clouds, mushrooms, stars, and leaves will always be there to enjoy and admire. With new titles coming out every season, each affordably priced, there will be ever-new opportunities to grow a charming collection that looks great on the shelf.

Perfect for: • Amateur astronomers
• People interested in stars and space
• Readers of Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, 50 Things to See in the Night Sky, and Earth + Spac e
• Nature lovers, adventurers, campers, and outdoorsy types
• Meditators and mindfulness practitioners
• Anyone looking to slow down, get outside, and enjoy the simple things in life