HuggleHounds- Sly Fox Knottie™ Dog Toy

HuggleHounds- Sly Fox Knottie™ Dog Toy

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Our original design—a friend for your best friend! Hugglehounds® Knotties® are the original knotted, plush dog toy! Knotties® are the most durable plush dog toys available for dogs and puppies. All Knotties® are made with exclusive Tuffut Technology®, a durable three-layer lining on the inside that stays soft and cuddly on the outside. 


Meet the Maker:

Have you ever heard someone say, "It's just a dog toy"?

We have, and we couldn’t disagree more. Dogs are our life. Dogs are love, companionship, and devotion personified, and we know our customers feel the same way.

For us, these are not simply “just a dog toy”;—they’re products we give our pups to enjoy and be entertained with. Toys provide emotional balance and physical & mental stimulation. Our products keep dogs busy and promote problem-solving skills. Toys help fulfill instinctive drives like ripping & shredding, hunting & finding, chasing & herding. And over all, toys help dogs expend energy.

So no, it’s not “just a dog toy”.  HuggleHounds® was founded on that very principle back in 2009 by Julie Krauss & Bob Flynn—industry experts with over 50+ combined years of experience in the pet category. Julie and Bob had a goal: to fill a void in the pet toy marketplace by creating the most unique, design-driven, and highly-styled pet products that would combine in-depth research and cutting-edge technology.

HuggleHounds® innovation does all that and more, resulting in great toy designs with maximum durability. We’ve stayed true to two simple philosophies: to strive to be a company that keeps the needs of dog owners at the forefront of everything we do, and to bring fresh, new designs to shoppers year in and year out.