Lost Sage - Dreamcatcher Reed Diffuser

Lost Sage - Dreamcatcher Reed Diffuser

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Dreamcatcher (wildflower & amber noir) Inspired by all things Zen, be it meditations, mantras, prayers, intentions or simply claiming every moment of Savasana after hot yoga class. This soothing blend of florals and silky amber was made to bring out that inner yogi who dreams of calmness, contentment and compassion for all. Enjoy the effortless method of filling your everyday spaces with your favorite Lost Sage fragrances! This low-maintenance option delivers our full collection of aromas in a style that uses natural reed sticks to carry the blends throughout all spaces. Does not require heat, flame or electricity - simply place the reeds into the bottle of oil and experience the natural way in which the scents travel. Each bottle is accompanied by a set of 10 all-natural reeds. Lifespan reaches 4+ months.


Meet the Maker:

Maker of consciously crafted, aromatic goods that are produced in small batches, derived from nature and inspired by the spirited life of wandering. As a homegrown artist, I believe that the more love you put into something, the more love you’ll get back. So when it comes to living happy, full and healthy lives, it’s about quality over quantity and connection over consumption. Intention is everything. I am so passionate about the quality of my work and everything that goes into it. My candles are designed to burn cleanly for over 45 hours and to be enjoyed wherever your travels may carry you. They are infused with premium fragrance and essential oils, centered with a lead-free, cotton-core wick, and made of pure, soy wax from crops grown free of pesticides in the United States. The collection of unique fragrances is largely inspired by my wandering ways. Like a living tribute to the places I hold dearest, the stories they tell are endless. I hope that every time you choose to light a Lost Sage candle you join me on this wonderful adventure. Thank you! Sarah Moody