Magic Fairy Candles - 4oz Aries Tin Candle

Magic Fairy Candles - 4oz Aries Tin Candle

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ARIES 🜂 Fire Sign -  March 21—April 19:  You are vivacious, curious, adventurous— a natural leader.

This 4 oz soy candle tin is hand poured in Longmont, CO.

AFFIRMATION Healthy, strong energy flows easily from my center. May I wield its power to lead & lift others. May I patiently rest and replenish my heart & body to be balanced & whole.

NOTES Patchouli.

INGREDIENTS Non-gmm soy wax, organic coconut oil, organic essential oils.

BURN TIME 20 to 30 hours

Meet the Maker:

Kim Brain, and the simple splendors of Magic Fairy Candles, attest to what happens when a woman journeys fully from a past resplendent with memories of mingling conversations and scents, to a business built by keeping her heart solidly rooted. Every product she offers supports and sustains farmers and artists and friends, and community in Colorado and other parts of the country. Her storefront stands on Main Street in Longmont, where people now find themselves wandering in, attracted by an unknown longing for scent memories of their own.