Quail Ceramics- Hare Egg Cup

Quail Ceramics- Hare Egg Cup

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8cm Hare egg cup.

Hand painted stoneware. Dishwasher safe.

    Meet the Maker:

    Quail has been producing quality gifts for over 20 years. We design in-house and work with our model makers in England, Thailand, and Sri Lanka so that our lovely animals and birds are unique. We work very closely with small family businesses and sit alongside our skilled craftspeople to develop our designs. This extra involvement really shows in the finished product. By this method we aim to keep valuable hand-painting skills alive in a world where mass production is the norm.

    Our vast array of well observed animals, bird and cat ceramics are available as both figures and useful products. They are also attractive to collectors. "The Moggies" are Quail's long established range of named collectable cats. They go from strength to strength and are collected all over the world.