Sun Jellies - Atomic Tote Seafoam

Sun Jellies - Atomic Tote Seafoam

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Inspired by the American ‘Shamrock Neatway’ shopper our Atomic Tote is full of midcentury charm. It stands tall and strong on a flat base, helpful for carrying heavier items like laptops or a cheeky bottle of prosecco and has handles that lock together for extra comfort and security. Women who want an everyday bag that is practical as well as stylish will love our classic Atomic Tote.

Dimensions: 40 x 46 x 16cm
100% recyclable LDPE
Wipe clean, reuse

 Meet the Maker:

Living on the south coast of England, our co-founders, Kelly & Nick, were once searching for cute summery shoes that Kelly and their young kids could wear to the local pebbly beaches. They stumbled upon Méduse, the French brand of jelly shoes originally created in 1946 during a worldwide leather shortage.

It was the beginning of a jelly love story… charmed by the Méduse brand and the rainbow of colours available, Kelly & Nick launched the Sun Jellies online store in 2012, bringing these iconic French jelly shoes to the UK shores and beyond. They discovered an ever-growing fanbase of jelly shoe lovers in every corner of the globe. But the story didn’t end there…