TOPS Malibu - Single Sparkler Celebrate

TOPS Malibu - Single Sparkler Celebrate

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An enchanting gift! Make a special wish! Celebrate grand occasions - sparkling birthdays, shimmering parties & gleaming celebrations.

Size: 6.75"


Meet the Maker:

Our product is designed in Hawaii and California, handmade in our Oregon warehouse for over 35 years. In the 1980's TOPS Gallery was born in Malibu- a store of unusual functional art. TOPS Malibu has continued to boom through serendipity, surprise, spontaneity, and creating lasting memories. Fond Memories linger which is why now the children of our original customers are also buying TOPS Malibu for their families. We’ve created family memories that are being shared with the next generation and that is a great feeling. Enjoy! Best wishes.