Totally Bamboo - Rock & Branch® Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

Totally Bamboo - Rock & Branch® Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

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Capture the hot homemade pizza and flatbreads trend with the beautifully constructed Rock & Branch® Acacia Wood Pizza Peel. Its long handle is ideal for safely transferring homemade pizza, pies, bread and flatbread to and from the oven. The tapered design of the pizza peel allows it to easily slide under even thin crust pies. The wooden pizza paddle provides a perfect cutting surface for running a pizza wheel or pizza cutter over the cooked pie to serve up delicious slices. The broad acacia wood board also doubles wonderfully as a charcuterie board for serving favorite cheese, meat, fruit, nuts and more. When not in use, the included hang tie allows the pizza peel to be hung as wall décor— adding a bit of Old World pizzeria style to the kitchen! Measures 23-1/4" x 13-3/4" overall; 13-3/4" plate with 9" handle


Meet the Maker:

Tom and Joanne Sullivan owned Hollywood Chairs in North Hollywood, supplying directors chairs to top movie and television productions. In a quest to improve upon their famously comfortable foldable chairs, the Sullivans began experimenting with other material options. They wanted something lighter than their existing oak chairs yet still strong enough to last through the production of a blockbuster picture (and its inevitable sequels). After exhaustive research, they found one material fit the bill better than any other — bamboo! Bamboo has a higher tensile strength than steel, yet is light enough for anyone to easily carry. Not only is bamboo a better material option, but it’s better for the planet too. When harvested, bamboo's roots remain and quickly regenerate. It’s a truly remarkable and renewable resource. The success of bamboo in chairs led Tom and Joanne to consider other uses for this amazing material. They used their combined art and design backgrounds to invent the FIRST bamboo cutting board. This cutting board crafted from “engineered bamboo,” was light and durable, harder than maple yet gentle on knives. With this brilliant innovation, Totally Bamboo was born! Totally Bamboo has continued to innovate since the inception of the bamboo cutting board and offers masterfully crafted solutions in a wide variety of home and gift categories.