Zia Pia - Black Squid Ink Spaghetti by La Fabbrica della Pasta

Zia Pia - Black Squid Ink Spaghetti by La Fabbrica della Pasta

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Squid ink gives this spaghetti its beautiful dark hue and rich flavor, with a hint of sea saltiness. The savory properties of squid ink come from its high content of glutamate, an umami compound, which makes this pasta exceptionally flavorful, perfect for pairing with seafood or a light tomato sauce. La Fabbrica della Pasta has been making pasta for three generations in Gragnano, a small town nestled in the hills near Naples, famous for its pasta production for over 500 years. Pasta from Gragnano is very special: made with local spring water and high-protein Durum wheat which helps keep the pasta al dente, then extruded through a bronze die, giving the pasta a porous texture that helps it bind with sauce, and dried slowly at a low temperature. Net weight: 500 g/1.1 lb Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water, sepia ink


Meet the Maker:

Zia Pia is a boutique importer specializing in Italy's authentic regional foods. Our suppliers are non-industrial, family-owned producers who combine traditional principles of authenticity and flavor with Italian design and style to create superior products, beautiful on the inside and out. Named for Victoria's Aunt, or “Zia”, Pia Custodi in Orvieto, Italy, as extraordinary a person as she was a cook, Zia Pia's mission is to select foods that are made simply with care and attention to quality of ingredients. Zia Pia serves fine specialty gift, home and food retailers, markets and restaurants. We look forward to sharing our foods with you. Buon appetito!