Zia Pia - Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin by Frantoio Muraglia

Zia Pia - Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin by Frantoio Muraglia

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This monocultivar extra virgin olive oil, made using only Peranzana olives native to Puglia, has rich notes of tomato, arugula, radish and artichoke. The low acidity of Peranzana olives makes this extra virgin olive oil ideal for pairing with delicate foods such as seafood. Frantoio Muraglia, operated for five generations by the Muraglia family, prioritizes preserving the biodiversity of the agricultural landscape of Puglia and protecting the olive trees which are so vital to their company. Following ancient Italian tradition, the olives are harvested by hand and crushed using a stone mill. All of Frantoio Muraglia’s extra virgin olive oils are monocultivar, meaning they are made from a single variety of olive, either Peranzana or Coratina olives, both native to the region. . Net weight: 1000 ml/33.8 fl oz


Meet the Maker:

Zia Pia is a boutique importer specializing in Italy's authentic regional foods. Our suppliers are non-industrial, family-owned producers who combine traditional principles of authenticity and flavor with Italian design and style to create superior products, beautiful on the inside and out. Named for Victoria's Aunt, or “Zia”, Pia Custodi in Orvieto, Italy, as extraordinary a person as she was a cook, Zia Pia's mission is to select foods that are made simply with care and attention to quality of ingredients. Zia Pia serves fine specialty gift, home and food retailers, markets and restaurants. We look forward to sharing our foods with you. Buon appetito!